Gone in 6 Seconds

Did you ever notice how much we all love pictures or videos? Or how none of us really read websites… we scan them? That’s because we live in a visual-based world of communications…

… where words matters and we only have seconds to make an impression.

Think about it. How quickly do you judge the food you’re eating? Or a job candidate you’re interviewing? Or perhaps a date? It’s so subliminal and built into our sub-conscious that we don’t even notice it. And we’re very good and efficient at it. We couldn’t turn it off if we wanted to.

So imagine how many seconds it takes when people are checking out your website or business or materials. Here’s a general rule for you to remember…


  • Your BRAND?
  • Your WEBSITE?
  • Your SALES?

Potentially all of the above. Although the time sometime gets debated it’s all within a second or two. That’s one of the great ironies I’ve discovered along the way. Companies won’t hesitate to hire a team of sales people [at $80-100k a pop] but when sales are lagging organizations rarely assume much personal responsibility for why each of their sales people might be struggling. Or what could have made each of them more successful?

Yes, it’s about the math, but it’s also about perspective and priorities. Sales people often don’t need much to sell. Ready your website or a few, nice sales materials and they’re good-to-go. And in getting that process right the sales people being hired can then maximize their collective success. Any money spent is pennies on the dollar, relative to sales or lost revenue for what might have come in. Organizations of all shapes and sizes can afford to STOP and take a look at what they’re doing…to see if it all makes sense.

Tweaks to your existing business are often quick-and-easy and pay dividends right away. And that’s true whether this is your personal brand, a product, a business or an organization thinking holistically about these things.