Blame It On Smartphones

Ever since the advent of smartphones more than a decade ago, organizations of all sizes seemed to be stumped. None of their branding nor communications nor outreach seems to flow together the way it should. And here’s why…

…it’s not uncommon to have a tech company put together the website, a social media company to focus on your social media, and often other companies or agencies, entirely, to focus on your printed materials, email, and so forth.

The problem is that, over time, the messaging and branding becomes incohesive and all over the place.

Add to that rapidly changing markets – where market drivers and corresponding solutions/services change quickly – and you can see the obvious problem.  Some divisions or company areas get the memo and others don’t.  Some start to tweak things and others don’t.

Ever hear this one…“Our sales PowerPoint has the most up-to-date messaging on that…”

Really?  Seriously?  Is anyone hearing or listening to this?  Companies talk like this ALL the time…as if it’s normal…but it’s anything but and no one ever calls a TIME OUT or stops to realize the implications.

Weeks, months and years go by as this becomes the new norm.

Over time, the branding-positioning-communications for the org is an absolute mess.

The problem is that organizations rarely consolidate their communication efforts – intro one, unified voice – to present a united front to the market.  The fix is obvious.  Delaying such fixes have also become the norm.  The cost to organizations in terms of brand, revenue and mindshare are huge.

Just one more area for smart organizations to consider…