Marketers shape 80% of our world…now what?

Ever stop to notice the power and influence marketing has on our lives?  80% of our world is influenced by marketing. The Starbuck’s coffee we drink. Our iPhoneNetflix.  Where we eat.  Where we shop. What we drive.  You name it and, chances are, marketers had some role in making you aware of something and then getting you to take some action (like “buy it!”).  It’s what we do and we’re very good at it…but now let’s shift this conversation to your organization to see how marketers might rate it.

How good is your organization at marketing?  Is your mobile strategy working (hint: not if your website falls short)?  How about your email or outreach communications?  Or the digital communications you distribute online?  Why should you care?

If you’re like most, the challenge is to work smarter, not harder…and to get a greater return on investment for your effort.  It’s about objectively analyzing your sales and marketing channels to see how they’re performing and to see which channels are most efficient.  Digital marketers are continuously refining as they test and learn at hyper-speeds.  They fix or stop what’s broken and double-down where their returns are greatest.

Beyond analyzing your channels (e.g. website, social, email, etc.) good marketers understand how to create compelling content designed to drive results.  So whether it’s driving revenue, memberships, awareness or education campaigns or building relationships, smart marketers develop marketing programs tied to targeted business objectives…and they’re very good at hitting targeted goals.

How is your organization performing?  No need to share it.  Just privately rate each facet, as it will help you to build a strong roadmap for which areas may need tweaking.

I hope you enjoyed some of my thoughts and tips and find them incredibly useful.  Please share this blog with others – as I love and appreciate all of the followers and support!